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Administration Application

  • Company structure and workgroup management
  • Inspection strategies, scheduling and assignment
  • The following inspections are defined and completed using the mobile device:
    • Statutory, safety, SHERQ, HSEC
    • Production readings
    • Preventative maintenance
    • Condition monitoring
    • Equipment location tracking
  • Critical task observations
  • ERP interface ready
  • Task list question definition and defect parameter management with question branching
  • Defect management
  • Verifiable audit trail with date and time recording
  • Flexible reporting with option to use MS Reporting Services to create and manage own reports
  • Reporting services allows for scheduled reports to be e-mailed
  • Graphical trending on numeric values

Mobile Application

  • Complete schedule and ad-hoc inspections on the mobile device
  • Complete critical task observations on the mobile device
  • Corrective action reporting through repair codes retains a history of all faults and corrective actions taken
  • Defect reporting and management on the mobile device
  • Defect reporting through the use of fault codes to indicate equipment failure state and the team responsible for repair work
  • Ad-hoc defect reporting
  • Equipment and location updates in the field (equipment tracking)
  • Equipment running state update
  • Equipment audit and update application

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